Danzig and Doyle

The 25th Anniversary of Danzig

Corrosion of Conformity and The Agonist

Today (Saturday April 27, 2013)



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Glenn Danzig is a name that permeates, infects, and ultimately makes strong, the very soul of hard rock in the '90s. Through the legendary punk charge of his pre-Danzig outfits Misfits and Samhain, Danzig formed the backbone of today's mosh movement. Into the deep waves of the Danzig catalogue, and you've got a band that has created high-tension hybrids that are still being pondered and quietly adopted throughout today's metal community.

Over eight million records sold, and Danzig is about to unleash a multi-media onslaught that will once again find disciples studying the master. Danzig's early works took full advantage of what was initially a vital and productive working relationship with Rick Rubin, resulting in a self-titled 1988 debut and a follow-up in '90 called Lucifuge that together enveloped the man's interest in punk, doom, gothic new wave and an intense California twist on black Satanic metal, culminating in a display of shockingly dark hard rock that sent chills the likes of which today's Norwegian churchburners could never know.

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